We have a Bookkeeping client based in London, offering Qualitative and Quantitative Research services, together with another division who provide plush viewing facilities. We do the work remotely and they regularly send us their paperwork via e-mail or post.

We do their bookkeeping on Kashflow (cloud-based accounting software), enabling them to also access it for paying creditors and running reports.

Each member of staff has a Barclaycard, most which get used every month. The current process is that they had to keep their receipts until the end of the month, when their Barclaycard statement would arrive. They would then match the receipts to the statement before grouping all the statements together and sending to me in the post. The viewing facility use their Barclaycards all the time for food and drink for groups, and there are a lot of receipts from Deliveroo, which are all e-mailed to them. They used to print these out, and attach them to the statement, to send to me. They sent it recorded delivery, and this could cost them around £8.50 each month.

I thought Receipt Bank would be a perfect solution, both for them and me – I did not enjoy that envelope arriving, and sitting there entering all those repetitive receipts! We trialled it will 4 people to see how they found it. I set the 2 companies up in Receipt Bank, and linked it to Kashflow – very easy. Then created each person a login using just their name and e-mail address. Receipt Bank also generates a personal e-mail address specifically to e-mail invoices to, so for example, I would be Nicola.Curtis@receiptbank.me, so if I receive an invoice, I simply forward it to that address and it gets processed.

This was perfect for the person using Deliveroo, as each time they received an e-mail invoice, they simply forward it to their personal e-mail address and it gets uploaded, no more printing out, matching to the statement and posting to me, Perfect!

The next wonderful thing about Receipt Bank is their app. I gave the 4 testers instructions on how to load the app on their phone, the instructions were very easy 1. look for app, 2. install it, 3. enter login details. Once this is done, they simply take a photo of their receipt and click ‘Submit for processing’, it then goes into Receipt Bank.

The 4 testers were very happy very early on, that this would make their lives easier, so we rolled it out to everyone else in the organisation. We now have 18 people signed up and most have started using it already. The receipts roll in throughout the month as and when they get them.

Then, on an almost daily basis, I log in, and deal with any invoices which have come in. I check them to make sure they are going to be posted to the correct nominal account, and cast my eye over the details to make sure they are correct. I can set default details against the supplier to make it more streamlined. This only takes a minute or 2.

I then match the receipts to the Barclaycard statements at the end of the month. I create an expense report in Receipt Bank for each person, attaching all their receipts, and then check it matches to the statement. Its certainly much quicker and more enjoyable than the old method. Receipts can be added in bulk by using a handy tick box on the left hand side.

Once this is done, I click ‘Publish’ and it sends the expense report to Kashflow.

If you feel Receipt Bank is something which could work for you, please get in touch

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