XU Magazine is a publication written by Xero Users, for Xero Users. Rewinding a little, if you don’t know what Xero is, its easy to use online accounting software founded in 2006, with over 700,000 subscribers worldwide, 133,000 of those are in the UK.

So XU Magazine certainly has a large potential audience!

I first received XU Magazine earlier this year whilst I was on maternity leave, so it just got put into my ‘I will do it when I return to work’ pile. Then another came in and joined that one, then another came in more recently and that’s when I decided to have a look. I started with the latest one I received, Issue 08.

The magazine has regular contributors, and some new ones. Issue 08 is a bumper 134 pages, so plenty to read, all articles written by someone different, based on their experience, or on one of the many add-ons available. The articles also cover other business issues faced, such as Marketing. There are also adverts for the add-on’s – not too many, but I find these helpful, as they may tell me about something I don’t currently know exists.

Personally, I like to read something like this in physical magazine format, rather than online, as I like to highlight information I find interesting, or fold the pages over, or mark items that I want to look into later online. So the issue is populated with asterix’s all over the place indicating there is something for me to follow up on.

I found lots of helpful information on running a Bookkeeping practice in general, running it using Xero, and ideas for add-on’s. I have flicked through the previous 2 issues but need to go through them in detail. Then there are another 5 to read!! I had best get started!

All the issues are available to view on their website and you can subscribe to XU Magazine here http://xumagazine.com/subscribe/